What Does a Private Investigator / Detective Do

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Private Investigators and Private Detectives are utilised increasingly in Australia when honest communications between people are not occurring due to a break down in connection. Have you ever felt that someone you trust, for example your spouse or employee, might be fooling you? If you have your suspicions, then you might benefit by talking to Austrace Group.

You don’t have to try and solve the case yourself and stress out by over thinking and running the risk of being found out by your partner and being called controlling. Your partner or staff may not even be doing anything wrong so let us do the hard work for you to discover any available evidence while you remain relatively stress free.

Austrace can collect the evidence and present it to you discretely. We can document your partner or staff’s activity, even when you are otherwise occupied, due to other commitments which is the most likely time that people will have an affair or do the wrong thing.

The evidence that Austrace finds can be helpful in legal proceedings. Austrace allows you to take the uncertainty out of your life right now and allow you to see exactly what is going on.


Austrace Investigations Group offer a range of services including Armed Robbery Awareness Training, Bodyguards, Private Investigator, Catch a Cheating Spouse, Find a Listening Device and Find a Missing Person.

Contact Austrace Investigations Group today on (07) 3856 3044 or via email qld@austracegroup.com.au.

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