The Austrace Investigations Group has a number of modern corporate offices with its head office in Qld situated at Kelvin Grove in Brisbane. Other offices are also located on the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne for complete national coverage. All documents, files and exhibits are protected by an elaborate Commercial Grade Intruder Alarm system monitored by a central station and close circuit TV surveillance equipment is installed in our Corporate Offices to ensure our security.

As part of our Quality Assurance, each Austrace investigator conforms to a written Sub-Contractors Agreement which clearly defines our requirements and their obligations whilst undertaking investigative work on behalf of Austrace.  This agreement is part of our Quality Assurance Program and is specific but not limited to:-

  • Licensing of each agent;
  • Obligations and experience required to undertake investigations;
  • Suitability to carry out instructions efficiently;
  • Minimum vehicle and equipment requirements;
  • Professional conduct

All of our factual investigators are equipped with laptop computers and printers to ensure that statements obtained in the field are signed and witnessed at the completion of the statement.

The minimum equipment required for our surveillance operatives includes:-

  • Current Private Investigator Licence
  • Covert Surveillance vehicle/s
  • Colour HD Video camera (minimum 700 x zoom)
  • Colour Covert video camera
  • Digital Camera with tele-photo lenses
  • Binoculars
  • Micro Digital Voice recorder
  • Mobile telephone
  • Internet facilities

Austrace Managers regularly attend information sessions and briefings both locally and internationally where technology systems and field equipment are demonstrated and discussed. This ensures that our staff are regularly updated in the world’s best practice with any new developments in technology and equipment which will add to the level of service that Austrace can provide to you.

The Austrace Investigations Group is a company that willingly embraces the concept of continuous technological improvement.  Within the company there is a large network of interlinked software databases which provide each operating division with the support necessary to track clients’ various projects.

Various word processing, logistical and communication programs are linked under the systems to provide effective resourcing of our management and operational teams. The value of systems integration is that it provides a seamless transition of knowledge and information throughout the company while maintaining high levels of data integrity and client confidentiality.

At Austrace our focus is on delivering our clients the best possible service.  By using the best people, the best equipment and thinking outside the square, we get you the information you need.

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