Private investigator surveillance

Austrace uses the latest in surveillance equipment and a professional team of private investigator surveillance operatives to gather evidence and consistently deliver high levels of service. The strength of our surveillance services lies in the fact that we have the resources and the flexibility to provide surveillance services Australia wide, with personal management involvement and well-trained surveillance operatives.

Before we undertake any surveillance operations, Austrace management team conduct thorough and discreet background checks on the target. Our professional team of surveillance operatives are then prepared to gather evidence to support our investigations. This enables Austrace to deliver cost effective, reliable and quality results.


Private investigator Surveillance tools and equipment

Our surveillance operatives are equipped with the following surveillance equipment:-

  • Current Private Investigator Licence
  • Covert Surveillance vehicle/s
  • Colour HD Video camera (minimum 700 x zoom)
  • Colour Covert video camera
  • Digital Camera with tele-photo lenses
  • Binoculars
  • Micro Digital Voice recorder
  • Mobile telephone
  • Internet facilities

With each surveillance operation, Austrace retains all well labelled original recordings in our video library and supply a DVD copy of each surveillance tape. The continuity of the original recordings is ensured throughout our evidence books, and all documents, files, and exhibits are protected by high secured commercial grade intruder alarm systems. All storage areas are closely monitory by a central station with close circuit TV surveillance equipment at our Corporate Offices.

Our expertise in controlling, organising, planning, staffing and influential investigative personnel enables Austrace to provide a high quality service throughout all of its surveillance operations.