Electronic Detection and Debugging

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Are you suspicious that your conversations are being monitored? Need to find a listening device? Electronic surveillance devices are rapidly changing becoming smaller, faster, cheaper, and more powerful.

Austrace Investigations Group offers Australia’s most technologically advanced eavesdropping detection (debugging), technical surveillance countermeasures, technical security, and counter intelligence related services.

Corporate espionage is a real and growing threat. With the use of sophisticated electronic devices and the expertise of our investigation technicians, Austrace is able to conduct electronic detection and debugging.

Our detection equipment and personnel are always one step ahead of the game. Our technicians regularly attend information sessions and briefings both locally and internationally where technology systems and field equipment are demonstrated and discussed. This is one of the ways we ensure that our operatives always know about worlds best practice and new equipment.

You can rest assured that there is nothing we can’t find.


Austrace Investigations Group offer a range of services including Armed Robbery Awareness Training, Bodyguards, Private Investigator, Catch a Cheating Spouse, Find a Listening Device and Find a Missing Person.

Contact Austrace Investigations Group today on (07) 3856 3044 or via email qld@austracegroup.com.au.

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