Debugging Services

Do you need to find a listening device? Are you suspicious that your conversations are being monitored? Need reassurance?

Austrace offers:

  • The most professional and technologically advanced eavesdropping detection (or debugging),
  • Technical surveillance countermeasures,
  • Technical security, and
  • Counter intelligence related services available.

Why Choose the Austrace Group?

Here are three reasons you should engage Austrace:

  1. We are the market leaders. Austrace has the most qualified, experienced, and resourced personnel in the security and investigative fields.
  2. We provide both personal and corporate investigative services with strict confidentiality.
  3. Even if law enforcement authorities are unable to supply satisfactory service or resources, Austrace can help. We are committed to delivering results for our clients.
"Austrace Group have been very professional to deal with and incredibly effective at solving the various issues we have referred to them. I would recommend their services without hesitation."
Barry Drinkwater

Debugging Operations Australia

Austrace offers Australia’s most advanced debugging services.

With the growing and constantly evolving electronic surveillance equipment market, devices are quickly becoming smaller, faster, more powerful and cheaper to purchase.

Austrace regularly educates all debugging technicians with the latest changes in surveillance equipment, and provide surveillance services daily utilising the best detection equipment and highly trained personnel.

Austrace managers regularly co-operate and attend local and international information sessions and briefings for the latest advances in technology systems and field equipment.

By ensuring that our staff are at the forefront of the world’s best practices and new developments (both in technology and equipment), you can be confident of the high level of service Austrace can provide.

In fact, Austrace is the most sought after private detective service across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Melbourne.

Contact Us today to find out how we can help you.

Corporate Espionage Australia

Worried about corporate espionage?

One of today’s real and growing threats within organisations is corporate espionage.

With the use of our sophisticated electronic devices and the experience and expertise of our debugging technicians, Austrace is able to provide accurate and factual electronic debugging and detection, with a full comprehensive report of findings.

Our Private Detective Services

Bullying & Harrassment

  • Compulsory Third Party
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Fire Cause Determination
  • Household Burglaries

Insurance Fraud

  • Loss Adjustment
  • Misconduct Investigations
  • Motor Vehicle & Property Theft
  • Public Liability Claims

Stress Claims

  • Surveillance
  • Workers Compensation Claims

Corporate Services

  • Armed Robbery Awareness Training
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Electronic Debugging
  • Risk Management
  • Security Consultancy
  • Threat Analysis

Service Areas

Austrace Investigations Group service Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne. Contact Us today to discuss your personal detective needs.

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